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Sergio is an award-winning filmmaker, musician, creative

and communications researcher.  Sergio is obsessed with

exploring processes and tools that incentivize team unity and collaboration. He has helped companies raise millions of dollars by breaking down complex concepts into engaging, persuasive and clear media messages. 

Sergio was the creative lead of El Gallo Miniseries

and the celebrated ITAL project.

Sergio Carvajal-Leoni


Tiburon has a network of top-flight professional media makers

that we mix and match depending on your specific needs.

Meet below our leading team

Romina Olson

Video & Photography

Romina is an accomplished photographer, videographer

and media producer with over a decade of experience.

Romina has a very unique, kind and fresh approach

to media making that provides great results and puts people at ease;

She is an expert in making people look beautiful while keeping them comfortable at the same time.

Romina is the producer of the celebrated film "Tiramisu for Two"


Jean De Oliveira

Jean is a rockstar, composer and music producer.  Jean has produced

dozens of albums and is the frontman of the legendary Venezuelan

Rock band Candy66.   Jean fully understands the fundamental role that

music plays on communications and visual storytelling, and carefully

crafts amazing pieces for most of our video stories and podcasts. 

Download a sample package of Jean's unique Royalty Free* music

to use for your own projects, courtesy of Tiburon Transmedia.

*Use ONLY Under Creative commons - Attribution License (credit the creators.)

Copyright 2015-2019 (c) Tiburon Transmedia LLC

Music Production

Juan Olmedillo

Graphic Design - Animation - VFX

With more than 20 years of experience Juan handles many tools

in the visual world such as graphic design, illustration, motion graphics and visual effects. Juan is also an accomplished musician, singer/guitarist of several bands, including the popular

Venezuelan outfit Los Mentas.