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Main Guest:

Jeff Gomez

World Renowned Transmedia Producer, Communications Researcher and Brand Storyteller.

CEO and Founder of Starlight Runner Entertainment.

Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner, is one of the world’s leading experts in story and narrative design. He works with C-suite executives, creative visionaries, and global leaders to maximize the effectiveness of brand narratives, develop vast fictional story worlds, and design highly successful transmedia franchises. Jeff has teamed with top creators on such blockbuster properties as Avatar, Halo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Magic: The Gathering, Men in Black, and Spider-Man. He has also written and co-produced hit video games (Turok Dinosaur Hunter for Nintendo 64) and animated series (Hot Wheels: World Race for Mattel), global advertising campaigns (Coca-Cola Happiness Factory), and consulted on interactive immersive experiences (Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge for Disney Parks & Resorts). Most recently, he has been engaged by Tsuburaya Productions to bring the Japanese superhero Ultraman back onto the world stage.

Jeff has also applied his techniques to social issues, applying his narrative-based solution, Collective Journey, to geopolitical crises in Afghanistan, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, and the Middle East North African region. A Latino born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Jeff has taught transmedia storytelling and narrative design at universities around the world, including USC, UCLA, Columbia University, and NYU. He also advises young adults and professionals on careers in entertainment and media through his Starlight Runner Life Story coaching service.

Featured Guest Visionaries:

Dr Carl S Blyth

Associate Professor French Linguistics & Director of COERLL at The University of Texas

(PhD, Cornell University) is Associate Professor of French Linguistics and Director of the Center of Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) at the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests lie at the intersection of internet communication technologies and language learning. He is deeply involved in Open Education, an international grassroots movement of educators who seek to eliminate the structural barriers to full participation in the educational system. Currently, he is writing a book about how the study of second languages affects one’s identity.

Dawn Weston

Publisher Austin Woman Magazine

Originally from Peoria, IL, Dawn graduated with a degree in Journalism from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. In 2004, she moved to Kansas City and worked her way up the ranks at the Village Voice Media owned publication, The Pitch. In 2012, she left The Pitch and Kansas City for Austin, TX to join a tech firm. But it wasn't long before she found herself back at a print publication. She spent 6 years navigating the world of local food and culture at Edible Austin before accepting her current role of publisher at Austin Woman Magazine in 2019.

Randy Lander

Director of Sales for Latin America and the Caribbean, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Randy Lander is an Executive Director of Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes based in Miami Florida. He is responsible for the overall relationship and commercial sales growth strategy for airline customers in Latin America and the Caribbean. Born in Caracas, Venezuela he joined Boeing over 15 yrs. ago and has held numerous responsibilities in Engineering, Product Development, Supplier Management, Service Support including international assignments in Japan and Korea. Randy’s educational background is in Engineering and also holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA). He is fluent in Spanish and has proficient knowledge of Japanese, Korean and Portuguese. He resides in Miami with his wife Helen and son Sebastian. He is passionate to spend time with his family at the beach, cooking and playing golf.

Kristy Tipton

Director Product Development at Cubic Defense & Co-Founder at Expedition Art

Kristy graduated from the University of Texas in Austin. She has spent 20 years leading creative teams on video game and film projects for the entertainment industry. Most recently, she has been working for Cubic as the Director of Product Development overseeing Synthetic Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance products and services for military forces. In addition, she works with high-tech clients including DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), and consults with teams to promote creative problem-solving, team building and rapid-prototyping of new products through technology incubator events across the world. Kristy is the co-founder of Expedition Art, an artist run organization that raises awareness for wildlife and nature conservation initiatives through art. Her award-winning photographs are being used for education and awareness on the benefits of dehorning initiatives to deter poaching activities.

Starr Long

Legendary Video Game designer and Executive Producer at The Acceleration Agency

Starr Long has been making video games for almost 30 years. He was the Project Director of Ultima Online, which is now the longest running Massively Multiplayer Online game in history and holder of eight world records. In 2000 he co-founded Destination Games which was acquired by NCsoft where he worked on Tabula Rasa, City of Heroes, etc. In 2008 he was named one of the Top 20 Most Influential People in the Massively Multiplayer Online Industry by Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine. In 2009 he joined The Walt Disney Company as an Executive Producer where he was in charge of 3 live virtual worlds, Disney Connected Learning, the Disney Parent App, and Club Penguin Mobile. Starr's Disney Connected Learning mobile apps ranked in the top 10 in iOS educational and kids games (4 of top 5). Recently Starr Long Executive Produced the second highest crowd funded video game ever: Shroud of the Avatar, at Portalarium. Starr has his own video game consulting company: Stellar Effect ( and currently works at consulting firm The Acceleration Agency ( whose clients include Carnival Corporation, College Forward, Disney, Universal, and more.

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