Tiburon Transmedia is a boutique agency.
We provide a wide range of

Creative Communications Solutions.
We can polish your message and strengthen

your community.
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Tiburon Transmedia engages your workforce

Some of the teams we've worked with:


"If you are looking to engage your workforce and 

build a strong community, no one is better than these guys"

Kristy, Director

Cubic Corporation

We craft powerful media tools and solutions

that bring teams together and move your audience into action.

We have many skills at your disposal;

We can solve specific needs or provide  comprehensive communication plans.

How to engage your workforce

and build community



We are a fully equipped video production house with decades of experience making beautiful and effective work.


We photograph people, teams, spaces, products, activities, animals and extraterrestrial life forms.


We can train you to unlock the power of digital storytelling and community-building media so you can share your vision with others.


Let Tiburon produce your next virtual and hybrid events.  We engage audiences and deliver amazing experiences through each stage of the process: before, during and after. 



We can help you reinvent yourself and your brand, as well as design beautiful and creative packaging to let your products stand out from the rest.


How can


              help you?

        . We can enhance your internal or external communications

     . We can help you boost team engagement and train personnel

  . We can provide targeted solutions to any communication need

We can train you to create your own digital media and tell your own story


an integrated Approach

We make sure all your communication outlets are aligned

with your message, your intended audience and desired outcome.

How do we keep ourselves sharp and creative?

Tiburon is always creating new original content

including fiction and documentary films, multimedia events, media research projects, music albums, free workshops

and educational videos.  

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