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At a reunion show of the iconic 80’s band OMD at the SXSW conference in 2011, a 400lbs camera crane fell on an attorney from Austin, Texas, smashing his brain.   That man was Patrick, and that highly publicized accident kicked off a bizarre sequence of events that blur the line between fiction and reality.   This project contains almost a decade worth of footage of us following this very peculiar Mexican American dude.

LIfe is much stranger than fiction

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El Gallo

El Gallo is the best series that you have never seen; a multi-character IP that could easily become the Latinx Star Wars.  El Gallo tells the story of the epic and wacky hunt of Sietecueros, a legendary magical rooster that was stolen from Mexico and smuggled into the U.S. The storytelling employs dark humor and magical realism to provide an artistic exploration of serious issues such as discrimination, border violence and Hispanic machismo.

Dark Humor Magical Realism

We breathe Storytelling.

ITAL Channel

ITAL Channel is an Award-Winning edutainment project and educational model we created in collaboration with the Department of French and Italian at the University of Texas.  Our idea was to bring language learning to life, by encouraging students to become an active part of the Italian diaspora of Texas. We also created dozens of digital stories, documentaries and a full-Length feature film.

Re-imagining education

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