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  • Sergio Carvajal-Leoni

Steps to Transformation - Artist Talk RSVP

Updated: Mar 21

As you may already know, all the artists participating in the Animal Nature exhibition have been actively engaged in a full-length documentary film that delves into the fascinating intersection of Art and Mental Health.

For us, Art is therapy.

It serves as our personal anchor, grounding us amidst life’s anxieties.

We also firmly believe that art functions as therapy for the viewer. When someone experiences a piece of art, they undergo a transformation—a shift in perspective, emotion, or understanding. This metamorphosis mirrors the artist’s - and the medium's- own journey during the creative process.

Our documentary, tentatively titled “What Is Wrong with Mr. Danger?,” focuses on these ideas.

At the heart of this exploration is Jacqueline James-Friedman, a celebrated therapist who plays a pivotal role in our film. Jacqueline has not only facilitated collaboration among us artists but has also guided us through various transformative processes, including this project of Animal Nature.

Given that “Transformation” is a central theme in the Animal Nature exhibition, we thought it would be important to seek some of Jacqueline’s wisdom once again.

Enjoy the video below, where Jacqueline shares her six steps to transformation—practical advice that resonates with anyone seeking personal growth and positive change. If you believe in the remarkable capacity of humans to transform themselves and the world around them, we also invite you to explore Animal Nature.

Join us for a special Artist Talk on Thursday, April 4th at 6:30 pm at TPG's Evergreen.

This exclusive event is hosted by the visionary team of Ellio Fine Art.

We have limited seating to ensure an intimate and enriching experience.

RSVP now to secure your spot and be part of this transformative journey!


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