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Scroll down to learn more about the celebrated
Animal Nature exhibition running until April 19th in Austin, Texas


Scroll down to learn more about the celebrated Animal Nature exhibition running until April 19th in Austin, Texas

What is Animal Nature?

Animal Nature is a LatinAmerican Austinite Art experience that is taking place from March 1st to April 19th in Austin, Texas.  The 5500 sq ft Art Exhibition celebrates the work of talented multicultural artists, including world renowned visual artists  Ender Martos & Patrick Fagerberg, and Award Winning Media makers Romina Olson & Sergio Carvajal-Leoni.   


It’s fascinating to contemplate that most of human history, as we know it, can be encapsulated within just a few thousand years. When we compare this relatively brief span to the 65 million years that have passed since we last saw an enormous reptile roaming the earth, our entire human existence becomes nothing more than an instance within an eternity of time.

For much of that “instance” we have behaved like animals. We have let our primal instincts guide us; that civilized reality we now inhabit is an instance within an instance. Our civilized selves have tried hard to tame that inner animal, and in many ways, we have succeeded. We have transformed ourselves, haven't we?


Animal Nature is an art experience crafted by Tiburon Transmedia (Romina Olson & Sergio Carvajal-Leoni) to celebrate the remarkable work of two extraordinary human animals: Latin American Austinite artists Ender Martos & Patrick Fagerberg.

Each piece reflects their unique perspectives and creative journeys. More than an exhibition, Animal Nature is also an invitation - an opportunity for the audience to actively participate in the transformative process of creation and presentation of art.



Ender Martos creates stunning, carefully crafted geometric abstract pieces that interact with the viewer and provide a multisensory experience. Within Ender's visual world, time is a construct: an interweb of moments, relationships and feelings living in a continuum state.

Ender Martos was born in Venezuela and moved to Austin, Texas at the end of the 20th century. His journey to becoming one of the most prominent visual artists in Texas is an inspiring immigrant story filled with moments of joy, anxiety and a great deal of work.


Ender's beautiful wall pieces are celebrated by collectors around the world. His astonishing public art sculptures, such as the colossal sculpture "Rebirth of Technology" (HPE headquarters, Houston) have captivated the imagination of entire cities and communities.


Despite his many accolades, Ender is ultimately a simple human animal who deeply enjoys the company of others. He is fascinated with the concept of connections; he cherishes those relationships we form with everything and everyone around us. Ender’s work is a meticulous, vibrant and colorful exploration of the intelayers that make the fabric of our shared and individual realities.

Patrick Fagerberg was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico. He is the son of a renegade artist and intellectual who made the bold decision of shunning away accepted constructs of reality and take his nine children and wife on an intense journey of exploration and wonder.


Patrick is known around the world as a rare case of acquired savant. He found in painting a therapeutic tool that helped him cope with the harsh effects of a traumatic brain injury. Patrick's brain was smashed by a 400lb camera crane that fell on him at a concert of the iconic band OMD at SxSw 2011.


The 12 pieces that Patrick is showing in the Animal Nature exhibition show present the vast visual language that this prolific and remarkable artist is able to produce. Patrick's work is a testament to the mysteries of nature, and the beauty of our human emotions.

Patrick Fagerberg is an abstract expressionist painter and sculptor who can brilliantly capture raw emotion within beautiful patterns in multiple media. He is a fluke of the universe; an amalgamation of seemingly impossible realities that spawned a unique artist and human being.




Tiburon is a boutique creative agency established by transmedia artists and researcher Sergio Carvajal-Leoni and photographer Romina Olson.  Tiburon  works and collaborates with multiple visionary artists around the world. Sergio and Romina have lived, dreamed and
worked together in Austin, Texas, creating revolutionary media projects in the fields of music, film, interactive and education.

For more than ten years, Tiburon has worked with Ender and Patrick to support, guide and edify their artistic careers. Tiburon believes in collaboration as the only way to achieve amazing results, such as the execution of the massive sculpture Rebirth of Technology, a collaboration between Tiburon and Ender Martos.

The artists, with the help of Tiburon, are actively working on a unique set of three unique new collaborative pieces that will be unveiled by the show’s Artist Talk.


TPG builds, curates, and manages vibrant neighborhood centers that unite Austinites and celebrate our maverick Texan Capital city's past, present, and future. 

TPG’s story begins over one hundred years ago, when a young barber named David Woodland moved to Austin, Texas, with his three brothers, each establishing their own barbershop in a different corner of the city. A couple of generations later, David Woodland III, a seasoned entrepreneur, decided to take a bold step to renew and relaunch different commercial properties owned by the family.

TPG’s commitment to the arts is remarkable and worth highlighting.  Besides giving Animal Nature the chance to host th exhibition in their Evergreen property in South Lamar, TPG is collaborating with Tiburon and Ender on a massive art installation for their 78704 Neighborhood Center on the iconic  South First Street.


ELLIO Fine Art celebrated its inaugural exhibition in the fall of 2021.


Ellio's intention to facilitate meaningful connections through thoughtful curation, with diverse artists, and long-standing client relationships. Texas is brimming with life, growth, and culture; Ellio aims for their gallery to feel as alive and evolving as the place in which it dwells.

Ellio's team has a combined 76 years of art consulting experience and intimate longstanding relationships with 35+ living (American and European) artists they exclusively represent in Houston and other areas in Texas. Ellio believes that incorporating carefully selected art into a space not only elevates thoughtful architectural and interior design but also makes a difference in one’s life. Art brings an energy that cannot be integrated through any other medium and we are proud to be a part of sharing the value that artists bring to the world.

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